How to cut concrete pile under the house. Installation of the pile field

Quickly, simple and inexpensive, or how the foundation is replaced with screw piles Replacing a weakened foundation with supports is a practical and least costly way to extend the operational resource of the entire structure. So that the house no longer threatens the risk of collapse, it is necessary to re.conduct engineering calculations for the foundation, carry out construction work […]

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What is the best angle grinder for the house. Speed and power indicators

What is the best angle grinder: a review of the most high-quality and reliable models What are the angle grinder? angle grinder are divided into two types: household and professional. A domestic appliance is cheaper and designed for short-term use for a maximum of 60 minutes. To perform complex works, grinders of this type are not used, but for dacha […]

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How To Cut A Window In A Wooden House

Cutting technology for window and door openings Openings for windows and doors can be cut in two different ways: Openings are cut after complete shrinkage of the house. Initially, a solid wooden frame is installed, which does not have window and door openings. And only when the house gives a final shrinkage (as a rule, after 12 months), openings of […]

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